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Allergic to whining???

“Do everything without complaining and arguing.”
~Philippians 2:13

Dog looking at cameraSo, I have a very strange dog. Not only does she not like slow/sappy songs, she also sneezes when she whines. And no, I am not making any of this up. She’ll be whining and prancing around in her kennel and then she’ll just start sneezing. She’ll whine some more and then sneeze. It’s almost as if she’s allergic to whining.

This got me thinking about how much I whine and complain and argue about my life.  I hate to say it, but in all honesty, I’m pretty good at complaining, whining, and arguing. Some days it seems to just happen naturally. Other days something just rubs me the wrong way and I just crack.

But as I’ve been paying closer attention to my actions and attitudes; I’ve noticed a few triggers.

  1. Not spending time with God each day
  2. The trap of comparison
  3. Being ungrateful

Some mornings I’ll wake up and run downstairs to hop on my phone to check in on social media instead of spending time with God like I should be doing. And I know better. I know what I should be doing, I just don’t do it. It’s that simple. However, although that check in on social media is a short term pleasure it leaves me feeling down and icky first thing in the morning. I can easily waste 15-45 minutes scrolling through various sites and by the time I become aware of the time I’m shocked at how much time I have wasted and have nothing of importance done for the day.

This leads me right into my second trigger: the comparison trap. Scrolling through social media, reading useless articles, watching videos, etc can all open the door to comparison. Wishing we had the life of another person, believing that their posts are the everyday norm. We so easily forget that other people have challenges and bad days too. Social media is all about sharing the good or best parts of life. What we don’t see are the challenges, struggles and tears of the other person. We compare our worst to their best. And that’s just not fair; to us or them.

When we compare our lives to other’s we become blinded to the blessings that God has placed in our path. We’re so busy wishing we had something different that we don’t see all the good things that we do have. All of these things lead me down the road of whining and complaining, the final destination is a discontented life.

Although I may not be “allergic” to whining, I can easily see the negative effects that it has on my life. What are some of your bad attitude triggers and solutions? Feel free to share them below.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Becoming the CEO…(:

2018 PlannerI have a confession to make. The Queen of Excuses has made another appearance and is refusing to leave. So, I’m making some changes.

For the past year or so I have been able to “slide by” with this job. I haven’t treated it like I would a job outside of the home. Time and effort have been given willingly to things that I know in the end will only bring me down. Opportunities have come and gone without so much as a glance up from my phone. Numerous discussions have taken place and plans have been made with very little follow through on my part.

But, it’s time for all of that to change. I have come way too far in the last 2 years to suddenly change course. I believe that this is something that God wants me to do–something that He has called me to do. Despite the challenges and struggles of this job–I find it very rewarding. Doing what I do has opened my eyes not only to the amazing God I serve; but continually reminds me how often I don’t have any bit of this life together and just how often I need to rely on Him. It has forced me to confront areas of weakness and address them despite the fact that I’d rather hide them in the corner and ignore their existence.

However, things are going to change around here–and change for the better.

The past couple of weeks I have realized that I need to get organized–and not in the way that you think. Sure there are physical things like paper work and mounds of images that need organized but something much more important needs an overhaul. My mind and attitude.

So, what exactly am I doing to change my attitude? I’ve given myself a title of CEO and a job description. I’m working to set hours and plan my days so that more of what needs to be done is done in a day. I’m beginning to  pray very diligently about my life and this business. Asking for God to lead me and provide direction and wisdom. I’m starting to really dig deeply into my Bible and learning more about God and what He wants me to do.

I don’t usually learn life lessons the easy way. For me it takes a lot of repetition and a good dose of conviction. But, I thank God that He has reminded me and convicted me and given me His grace to step into this opportunity more fully. I look forward to what He’s going to do in the future.

The adventure of life awaits. Are you ready?

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

PS. I’ve added a new design to my shop you can view and make a purchase here if you wish.

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The Blessings of a Flat Tire…

The Van's New Shoes

The Van’s new shoes! (:

We had already left two hours later than we had planned that morning. It was warm and sunny out. I was sitting in the van happily in my own little world listening to “Gaither Vocal Band” albums and Steven Curtis Chapman.

With about an hour and a half to go in the trip. Something starts to get really loud and Dad slowly pulls the van to the side of the highway. We had a tire blow out.

Everyone piles out of the van and onto the grassy hillside–In my case it’s flipflops first. Dad and Bradley begin changing the tire while Mom contacts family and JoJo and I watch and make sure other cars don’t hit us.  Once we get the spare on we realize that it’s flat too. “Fix a Flat” and about  1-2 dollars of air at the gas station up the road gets us to the Wal-Mart about 3 miles away from where we actually got the flat tire.

Thankfully this Wal-Mart had an Auto Center that got us right in with two new tires. To occupy our time I am informed that I’m getting some new shoes (and socks). Mom was tired of my shoes coming out of the van before I did. Once those were picked out, purchased and on my feet we looked at Chap-Stick and cool little hat lights. Shortly after that we were able to pay for the tires and be back on the road with only about an hour and a half delay.

We could have sat there and bemoaned the fact that we had a flat tire, no one stopped to help, and we were going to be arriving at our destination about the time we were planning on leaving (henceforth, our travel home would be way later than we had planned and our busy plans for the next day were going to be changed).

OR…We could be thankful for all of the blessings that we saw in those moments.

  1. The flat tire was on the right rear–further away from traffic and slightly safer.
  2. The weather was nice. Although it was hot it wasn’t boiling and it wasn’t snowy, icy, and freezing out.
  3. We were able to get safely to a Wal-Mart on the pumped up spare pulling a loaded trailer.
  4. The first Wal-Mart we stopped at had an auto center.
  5. The Auto people got us right in and worked quickly to get us back on the road.
  6. We arrived safely at our destination and no one was harmed.
  7. I got some new shoes and cool looking socks.
  8. Although we arrived home after 2 am we got home safely with no further problems.
  9. Mom had a lot of driving the next week and it was good that if the tire had to blow it blew when Dad was able to fix it and Mom didn’t have to worry about it.

We may never know why we got a flat tire when we did. But, we had a choice. We could be discouraged and upset over the inconvenience that the tire caused or be thankful for what went right. In every situation, there is good to be found; you may just have to search for it.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Being Content When You Feel Like Life is on Hold…

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”
~Romans 12:15

Sunset over flooded fieldI once heard it said that how you respond to other’s blessings in life is really important. Instead of sulking and wishing we had what they have; we should be congratulating them and being genuinely happy for them.

But let’s be honest: That’s not an easy job.

It’s not easy constantly being the third wheel tagging along on your friend’s dates.

It’s not easy watching all of your friends get married while you remain single.

It’s not easy seeing friends and family welcome a new baby while you’ve been trying for years to have one of your own.

But yet we’re still commanded to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15).

I’ve noticed a lot of good happening in others lives recently and as much as I want to be really really happy for them, it’s hard. I see the things that they are gaining that I wish I had. I know that in time some of that will come (or may come) but I’ve just got to wait.

So, the question is how can I be happy for others and content where God has placed me when I want what others have (whether that be a deep friendship, a romantic relationship, a better job, a newer car, etc.)?

The answer comes from only one place: God. We learn how to be content and happy for others when we read the Bible and spend time in His Presence.

We learn from Paul that contentment is possible. He says in Philippians, “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (Philippians 4:11).

When we continually spend time in His word we are reminded that contentment doesn’t come from our circumstances. Contentment comes from God. It comes from knowing and loving and serving a loving and caring God.

He hears each and every prayer that we pray and His Spirit helps us pray when we don’t have the words (Romans 8:26). He sees our tears (Revelation 7:17). He hears our cries and sees our affliction (Exodus 3:7-8a). He will NEVER leave us and He has our best intentions in mind (Deuteronomy 31:6, Is. 55:8-9, Romans 8:28).

So in the meantime while you are waiting for “that thing” to finally happen to you be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9). Hang on tight to God and trust in His timing. I know that that’s something you hear so many times you’re probably sick of it. However, His thoughts are far above ours and He has good plans for you (Is. 55:8-9, Jeremiah 29:8-9).

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Wednesday Wonders!(:

Welcome to another addition of Wednesday Wonders! We’ve had some very pretty skies lately and  some interesting weather.

So, here’s three wonders from this last week.

1) The Burning Branch

The Burning BranchAs we were out walking today I happened to look over to my right and noticed that there was one branch on the pine tree that was bright red. So, instead of calling it the burning bush or the burning tree we named it the burning branch. I’ve always wondered what causes pine trees to turn red…

2) The Gorgeous Sky

Bright sun Surrounded by cloudsI’m not exactly sure what’s been going on with the sky lately but it has been so pretty. The clouds lay just right over the sun and the way the light filters through the clouds is just so beautiful. It seems that almost every time I look there’s something slightly different. I don’t watch clouds to look for shapes (I must not have that great of an imagination because most clouds just look like big fluffy white geometric shapes). I look at clouds to see how the light looks around the clouds. The little holes that it finds to shine through…

3) The air traffic control tower in the fog

Air Traffic Control Tower with FogThe other morning we had to get an early start and we were up and out before the  fog had even burned off. As we were driving along Mom noticed that the majority of the air traffic control tower was covered in fog. That’s not something you see everyday…

What are some of the wonders that you have noticed from your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Trailblazing through Vacation Bible School…

“…but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
~Matthew 19:14

Trailblazing Vacation Bible School setLife is crazy right now. Our church is right in the middle of our Vacation Bible School and this is the first time I have had the privilege of teaching a class. I have helped in years past but this year I was given the opportunity to plan and help teach all the lovely little babies at our church.

Although I am not yet a parent, I am beginning to see some things in a different light and look back at how things were when I was a participant. And l have learned a lot! Vacation Bible School is as hard as it is rewarding. Coordinators and teachers put hours and hours of work in and children aren’t predictable. What worked one night may not work the next three–things are constantly changing.

As much work and stress that Vacation Bible School can bring I know that it is absolutely worth it. I may not remember every single aspect of every single Vacation Bible School I have been to; but I do have some memories of various Vacation Bible School’s that I have been to throughout the years–memories that have made an impact on who I am today.

I know that it’s hard and the nights are long–kids schedules are off and they’re tired and you’re past tired–you’re just plain exhausted. But let me tell you: IT IS WORTH IT. Keep going. You are making an impact no matter how small. Something that is said or done today may be the very reason those kids are sitting in a pew on Sunday morning. We just don’t know. And we may never know. But that’s not the point.

The point of all of this; the heart behind Vacation Bible School is to teach children about the love of God. We don’t do it so that we as teachers have our names listed in the “thank you for your really hard work” letter. We do it because we love God and want to serve Him by serving His children. As parents we don’t rush through dinner, invite little friends, plan crazy hair and mismatched outfits so our kids can get a “perfect attendance” award at the end of week. We do it because we love God and we love our kids.

And most importantly, whatever we do whether that be teach a Vacation Bible School class, help with food, bring children, invite friends, or just show up for support, we do this for God. To bring glory and honor to Him.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Our Daily Blessings!(:

Welcome to your Friday! I hope that you’ve had a great week so far. Here are some the blessings from this past week.

1) Electricity

Red Water PumpAs you may know from yesterday’s post we lost our power for the second time in one week on Tuesday. You can read about what I learned from that experience here. I am very thankful that the lights came back on and that we have electricity in general. I’m thankful that tasks that used to take an entire day now only take a few hours from start to finish because of the electric appliances that have been invented.

2) Much Needed Reminders

Earlier this week I was tempted to start in on a self-pity party for the simple reason that God has called me on a different (slightly harder for me path) than that of some friends. Things that are very hard and scary for me seem to come a little easier to them and right now their life just seems easy. They go. they do. They’re done. While I on the other hand have to keep reminding myself that with what God has called me to do success doesn’t always happen just like that. Success is fought for. And it’s worth it. I was reminded just this morning in my devotional to stay where God has placed me and too keep pressing on. After all Their lives are very challenging too; just in different ways.

3) Putting Things to Practice

I’m very thankful that I am able to not only remember some of the different things that I have shared here but that I am also able to put them into practice. We have a very busy week  coming up and as I was thinking about it I remembered two very important things: 1) I need to take care of myself. I need to remember to eat healthy and drink enough water and pay close attention to how I’m spending my free time (am I wasting it on things that will make me feel cruddy or am I using/ doing something that will encourage me and build me up mentally and spiritually?) I also need to remember that I am just one person and I can’t ever do it all. So I need to remember to be Mary and not Martha. Taking time for what is really important and skipping those things that aren’t.

What are some of the blessings that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Being Prepared…

“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”
~Matthew 25:13

Power Outage SuppliesEver since I was little Mom has always tried to keep the house picked up. She never expects it to be show-ready or company clean; just straightened so that we don’t have to rush around 30 minutes before someone stops by.

In all honesty though…I usually don’t abide by the rule. If Dad is bringing a friend home from work or someone from church calls and says they’re coming over I’m usually scrambling to pick all of my stuff up and complete the rest of my chores.

But I learned something very important when our power went out again on Tuesday. The second time in one week! The problem this time was that I was putting off a couple of important chores until “later”; (“later” usually means that I put off chores I really don’t want to do until as late as possible hoping by the time “I get around to it” it’s too late and I won’t have to do it.).

One of the important chores that I needed to do I actually wanted to do I was just waiting until I got some more stuff done. Little did I know that the power would go out at 3:30 and not come back on until 10:15 (when it would really be too late to do it). So, what did I do about that chore? We decided to go old school and put to use our knowledge of the “Little house” books and Amish novels along with a little modern ingenuity.

So we got done what really needed done as best as possible and we were then able to go get dinner at Wendy’s and just have a nice bit of family time. The best part of Wendy’s was that their large frostys were 50¢! We then walked around a nearby store to pick up a few power outage necessitates and headed home to a dark quiet house. Just as my book was getting good the power came back on…

I tell you all that story to remind you (and me) to just do. I don’t know how many days I just don’t like something so I just avoid it and don’t do it. In reality that doesn’t accomplish anything it just makes more work for the next day and a guilty feeling for today.

So, don’t put off something you know you should do today. Remember, you never know what the day holds.

“…yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring…”
~James 4:14

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Wednesday Wonders!(:

Bright SunlightHey ya’ll! I’m really sorry that there wasn’t a post yesterday! We lost our power again–this time it was out from 3:30 pm until about 10:15 pm. I’ll explain more about some of the lessons I’m learning without having electricity tomorrow. But for today’s wonders I’d like to show ya’ll the wonders of something we all take for granted: electricity.

I don’t think we realize how much we rely on our electric until we don’t have it anymore. So, without further fuss; here’s a few wonders about electric power!

1) Running Water

Since we moved in November we have been on a well. With that being said we loose water pressure when we loose power. Not that that’s a problem considering we have multiple gallons of drinking water stored in the basement. It’s just a major inconvenience to not get water from the faucet. It’s also amazing to think that there are miles and miles of pipe buried underneath our feet that brings water from the ground all the way up to our sinks and all we have to do is turn the faucet on. It’s that easy. We no longer have to carry heavy buckets of water from a well to our kitchens or bathrooms. Fresh clean water is available every time we need it. Just like that.

2) Light

I think light is another thing that we take for granted on a daily basis. We flip a switch and viola! Light! The Bible says that we are the light of the world (Matthew 5:16). But do we really understand light? Light provides a way to see when it’s dark. Light dispels the shadows. It makes the scary “monsters” loose their power. In the same way the light of God’s love dispels the lies of the enemy. The Light of His Word makes the scary “monsters” of this life loose their power. Why? Because “…perfect love casts out fear…” In the Light of His Presence the scary “monsters” don’t seem as scary when we remember the love that God has for us.

What are some of the wonders that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Our Daily Blessings!(:

Happy Friday Ya’ll, I hope that you had a great Independence Day weekend! Here’s a few blessings from this past week.

1) Our Independence 

Fireworks #2I am so thankful that we as a Nation have the freedoms that we do. The Founding Fathers fought day after day, year after year to build this Nation founded on their deep faith in a God that gives freedom and grace to all. Because of their hard work and dedication and the sacrifice of so many I am able to be here living my dream.

2) My 1st Sale

I am so thankful that I have officially made my 1st sale at my shop!! I know that in order to grow the business and blog it will take time and effort. And I’m willing to wait and work. However I am very encouraged by the growth that I have seen. Thank you for coming along on this journey and supporting me along the way!

3) Friendly Customer Service People

I have had to make a couple of more phone calls this week. I have been very blessed to have some really nice, friendly, and helpful customer service people answer the phone. I’m always a little leery making phone calls because you never know who is going to pick up on the other end. Ever since I have started this blog and business I have never had an angry person helping me out. I am so thankful that there are kind, patient people out there willing to help confused people like me.

What are some of the blessings that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

P.S. I would like to let ya’ll know that this post is delayed due to a power outage. I had it typed and had about 15 minutes of work left at 5:30 PM yesterday and then all of a sudden our power went out  and didn’t come back on until 11:30 PM. Thanks so much for your patience.

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