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When I am Afraid….

Angel PinsRight before I started Kindergarten I was VERY nervous as most young children are. So, in an effort to calm me down and encourage me my Mom did something very special that has stuck with me to this day…

She reached into my jewelry box and pulled out two small angel lapel pins. She pinned them onto my shirt and told me that one pin represented her and another represented my grandmother. She wanted me to remember that they both loved me and supported me. That although they couldn’t be with me in person they were still with me in spirit.

Eventually over time I forgot about the angels. I didn’t wear them for years and they stayed in the jewelry box. Except when I faced something uncertain and scary. I’d pull them out and carry them with me. When I taught my first Bible class by myself I pinned them on the bag I carried. I wore them on my jacket each time I took the ACT.

Before I graduated high school I remember lying in bed one night thinking and praying. I had two angels but I wanted a third to represent the Trinity. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. So, I prayed and asked God to give me a third angel to place with the other two.
The day I graduated high school I received a package. It contained a sweet note from a very dear family member and an angel necklace. I received my third angel and an answer to prayer. So, when I graduated high school I wore the angel necklace and my angel pins were just beneath the podium. Ever since I have kept the angels on an old handkerchief in my purse. That way they are with my wherever I go.

I was watching a Television show the other night about a man and his grandfather. The man was applying for a higher position at work and needed to do something a little scary. His grandfather handed him a piece that was a “family heirloom” that belonged to his great-grandfather. The man carried it with him and he did just fine. Afterwards he asked his grandfather if he could use it again someday and the grandfather told him that he didn’t need that “heirloom”…he went on to tell his grandson that the “heirloom” was actually the brand-name magnet from his refrigerator! The grandfather in his wisdom told his grandson that he didn’t need any “heirloom” to do big scary things because he had all he needed right inside of him!

This got me thinking. As much as I love my angels (and have no intention of not carrying them) I don’t “need” them to do big and scary things because I have Jesus with me. He lives inside of me (1 Corinthians 3:16). He is with me in everything and goes before me telling me not to fear. He’s never going to leave me alone in this life or the next (Joshua 1:9). I can remember that I have “not [been] given a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Our Daily Blessings! (:

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope that you’ve had a great week and were able to enjoy the snow this past week. Here’s a few blessings that I’ve noticed in my life this past week.

1) Going through old family photos

Family pictures_with textWe’ve been working on little projects around the house to make it fit more of us. One of these projects is the Piano Makeover. We decided to take some old family photos, put them in some nice frames and sit them on the piano. Then we took an old peanut butter jar and covered it in burlap and we’re working on covering an old oats container in twine and placing flowers in them. The project should be finished on Monday!! 🙂 Pictures to be posted on my Facebook page here early next week.

2) Working on my office

Ya’ll I am SO excited! One of the other projects that we’re working on is converting a little nook in the basement/rec room into a small office for me! 🙂 🙂 I have always wanted a little office to decorate and I can’t wait to decorate my little nook! There’s a few other little projects that we need to finish but hopefully everything will be done next Friday and I can officially “move in”.

3) Celebrating 200

i remember a time early on in my blogging journey when I wondered if I’d even be able to keep the blog updated because I could NEVER keep a journal as a child. But I realized something a little surprising yesterday… I now have over 200 posts on the blog! Today’s post makes 201! I am extremely thankful for the opportunity, freedom, support, and love I’ve received along the way! I’m looking forward to 200+ in the years to come!

What are some little projects that you’re working on this year? I’d love for you to share them either in the comments below or on my Facebook page here. I’d also love to hear some of the little blessings that you’ve noticed in your life this past week. Please share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Changing the World…

Globe with textSometimes watching the news can be overwhelming. We are often told of bad things going on in the world over and over again. Over time it may seem as though the world is just this awful place with no hope of ever getting better. But those of us who know Jesus know that this isn’t the case. There is ALWAYS HOPE.

We may even begin to think that we are somehow responsible for fixing everyone’s problems and providing justice. One of the things that I am learning (and not very good at living out yet) is that I can’t change the world; but I can change my little part of the world.

I’ve often thought over the years that I needed to have some sort of large platform to make a difference in the world. But I am learning that that’s not always the case. Sure, having a large platform does allow you to influence several people to make a difference. But I also think that there’s also something to be said about the “average Joe” if you will. The everyday person living their life like Jesus would and making an impact on those around them and in turn on the world.

We as Christians are being transformed daily by having the Spirit of God live inside of us. Each day through the choices that we make are being changed to reflect more of Him and less of us. The way that we see the world and treat people changes as we grow closer to Him.

God made everyone different. Each one with a different plan and life. Don’t dismiss the life that you have because you don’t feel like you’re making a difference! Just living your life as you do you are influencing those around you.


One doesn’t change the world just by being on a stage. One changes the world by living and influencing those around them. You may be thinking, “How do I influence those around me?” It’s often easier than you think. Hold the door for the person behind you. Say thank you. Smile at a stranger. Open your eyes to the world around you and look for tiny ways to make a big difference. It doesn’t take a lot to change someone’s day. And who knows, changing someone’s day may just change the world. Hope can do a lot for a person. And showing Jesus to a hurting hopeless world will change it. And that’s our job right? To show and tell others about Jesus. To change the world be introducing them to the One who changed our world for the better and gave us an eternal hope in a hopeless world.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Writer’s Block… :/

Valentine's Day Flowers with Color Splash

A little something I worked on today! 🙂 <3

I woke up this morning in a bit of a funk and it’s making writing a little difficult…But do not fear! You’ll have something new to read soon. I don’t know where this is going to go I just know that we’ll end up there eventually–you may want to get comfortable… 😉

This year has started out fairly well considering that we started it on the couch sick. We’ve gotten a lot done and several little projects started. We’ve got big plans for this year and I’m excited to see what the rest of  this year brings. I’ve been pleased with the work that I’ve accomplished so far this year and see a few areas I can improve in as the year progresses. I’ve learned to give myself grace and mix things up a little as necessary.

One of the things that has stuck out to me so far this year is that change takes time. It may feel like you’re in a rut doing the same five things day after day not making any progress; but one of things that I’m noticing is that sometimes the mundane things in life can be a growing experience-albeit slow.

It’s in doing the same things everyday that we can see some of the little areas in life that need improvement. We have the opportunity to make teeny-tiny changes that once added together will create one big change.

Change and making our lives better isn’t always about making big goals or resolutions that we will never follow through with. Often times the biggest changes start with a tiny step in the right direction. Putting one foot in front of the other and taking one step forward followed by taking three or four (sometimes a lot more than that) backwards.


Change isn’t always something you can check mark off of a to-do list. Sometimes change is a realization. It’s realizing that although you set a goal to keep the kitchen clean everyday this month you realize that some days a friend may have just needed to talk and you were there to listen to them.

Making changes in our lives isn’t something that happens quickly. It’s something that takes time. Don’t be discouraged if the changes aren’t happening as soon as you’d like. Remember that you aren’t where you want to be, but you’re also not where you’re going to be. You are a work in progress. God’s masterpiece.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Our Daily Blessings! (:

Hello and welcome to your Friday! Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of another week! Here’s a few blessings that I’ve noticed in my life this past week.

1) A NEW Dryer

About a week or two ago we decided that our dryer probably wasn’t safe to use anymore. The last several months it has run really loud and sounds like metal grinding metal. One of the last times we used it, it left black streaks on the blankets. So, we’ve been using a make shift clothes line and hanging ALL of our clothes. We usually hang the vast majority of our clothes because we don’t want them to shrink or the deigns and colors to fade. However I never realized how much we actually use our dryer! I am so thankful that we finally have a safe working dryer…Now I can finally get caught up on all the laundry! (:

2) The house being back to normal

Chairs-with textLast week our main goal was to take down the Christmas decorations. It took us all week, but thankfully they are nicely packed away for next year. We’ve had some very, very cold temperatures here in Ohio lately and realized that our sun room is currently not usable, so we’ve had to rearrange a few things so that we can keep the doors closed until we need to go outside or get wood. We’ve also gone through a couple of smaller areas of the house and gotten rid of several things that we no longer want or feel fits this house. We’ve rearranged quite a bit since the start of the new year and I am glad to say that the house is finally starting to feel normal again… I’m excited to see how all of our plans will come together to make this house more us and more like home over the coming year.

3) Exciting things ahead

We’ve decided this year that we’re going to make the house more us. We’re going to do some minor renovations and utilize space more effectively. Using some things that we have on hand and some new things that we will purchase we are going to make this house more like home. I’m SO excited to bring you along on the journey and share some of the fun things that we are working on this year! (:

What are some of the blessings that you have noticed in your life this week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend (and stay warm)! 😉

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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The Messed Up Among Us…

bible-with-cross-candle-psalm-119105One of the things that our family has begun this year has been reading the Bible thru. We’ve read the Bible thru in years past but got away from it when life got crazy with the move and such. This year we decided that we’re going to do it again. So far, I have to say that I’ve loved it. It feels good to pick up the Bible each night and read a few chapters.

We were just discussing this morning about some of the shows on television lately. Most of these shows aren’t decent and glorify things. Both good and bad. Some of these shows provide a highly false reality about what life is like.

We then started talking about some of the things that we’ve been reading in the Bible. As we continue on our Christian walk and learn more about God we are continually amazed about some of the things that are recorded in the Bible. We’re only 30 some chapters into Genesis, and so far there’s been a ton of mistakes and wrong done. But you know what else I see?

I see a God that loves His people. His creation. In Genesis chapter 18:22-32 we see Abraham questioning God about destroying the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham says that it’s not like God to destroy the righteous with the wicked so he begins to ask God a series of questions, “Will you destroy the city if you find 45 righteous people in the city?” God says that He won’t. The questions and answers continue until God says that He won’t destroy the city if He finds 10 righteous people. God then sends two angels into the city to rescue Lot and His family BEFORE He destroys the city!

Chapter 20 tells us of a time when Abraham tells the king of Gerar that Sarah, his wife, is his sister (they are actually half-siblings). The king then takes a bit of an interest in Sarah and takes her from Abraham. God comes to the king and tells him that he is in trouble because the woman he took is another man’s wife. The king tells God that Abraham and Sarah both said that they were siblings and not husband and wife. He asks why God would destroy him since he has done this in the integrity of his heart and hadn’t touched her. God’s response, “Yes, I know that you did this in the integrity of your heart. For I also withheld you from sinning against Me; therefore I did not let you touch her…” (Genesis 20:6).

I think that one of the lessons that I’m learning is that there is NOT one perfect person except Jesus. We all make mistakes. But just because we fail and mess up miserably doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us and can’t use us. God can take even our worst parts of life and make something good happen from it (Romans 8:28). He loves you and wants the best for you. The best road may not be the easiest road but it’s the one that God has placed you on. Remember that His plans are good and that He does care for you (Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Peter 5:7).

God uses even the most messed up among us to show us how great His love and plans are for our lives.

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.”
~ 2 Corinthians 4:7

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Chapped Lips and Life…

Chap-Stick_with textI don’t know about you but when winter comes along my lips get terribly chapped. They hurt and peel and then I irritate them by picking at the loose skin and cause them to bleed. Being sick means that I haven’t been drinking enough water which only makes my chapped lips worse. Not to mention the below freezing temps that we’ve been experiencing…

Anyway, I got to thinking about how sometimes it’s so much easier to just not do anything about my chapped lips but complain about them. The solution is so easy, just keep applying Chap Stick and drink more water. But for some reason I just don’t. I put off and then eventually forget about it until they get really bad.

I think that without realizing it we do the same thing in other areas of our lives. We may be aware of a particular problem in our lives but for whatever reason we don’t want to do anything about it. It’s easier for us to acknowledge the sin and keep doing it, hoping that some day soon we will be able to change. And secretly, we may actually enjoy committing this particular sin and not want to change even though we see the issues that this sin is causing.

So, what do we do? We know we need to do something but we don’t really want to do anything…

For me it took a lot of prayer and discussions before my eyes were opened to just how much time I wasting living vicariously through other people’s lives. Quite honestly, as I look back over the years of my short life I can see that I have been doing this for YEARS without realizing it. It finally came to an abrupt stop when Mom suggested that I just take a break from watching vlogs on YouTube. I didn’t really want to do this but I knew that I had to. That was at the end of August 2017. I am happy to say that to date I haven’t watched a vlog. Has this been easy? NO! But it has been worth it. I still have a lot of work to do in this area of vicariously living through others but I have taken a couple of steps in the right direction.

This change is one that I still struggle with. I still waste far too much time on my phone pretty much daily. But I am learning. Learning that I will still make mistakes but that with the help of God I am able to get a little better each day. It’s not about doing life perfectly because that is impossible. It’s about recognizing what God has done for us and making small changes each day. One day we will look back and see just how far we’ve come by the grace of God.

Change is never easy. It takes work and perseverance. But in the end it is worth every bit of the hard work. What’s something that you’re trying to change in the year ahead? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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2018: All In on The Great Adventure!

It’s that time again…time to evaluate life and wonder where you want to be in a year’s time, a month’s time, or six months from now. This time of the year we set goals and make resolutions in an effort to make our lives better in the coming year.

Last year I decided to make my word for the year fearless and my goal no excuses. In all honesty, it went okay. I never really managed to make the no excuses part stick for longer than 24 hours and as far as being fearless…That went okay too. I was still scared out of my wits but I did make a couple of pretty big advances, so that’s good.

But by the middle of the year I had easily slipped into old habits and it took me a while to realize (and be honest with myself and others) about the damage these habits were making. I was able to make some pretty big changes but these habits are not yet mastered and probably never will be. They will most likely continue to be thorns in my  side. Always reminding me of how much I need God and that I can’t do this life alone.

So for 2018 I wanted to mix things up. I wanted to create a big goal to just be better. To try day by day and not set myself up to fail if I didn’t achieve my goal in a week’s time. I took a look at some specific areas in my life that I wanted to improve in and prayed about setting manageable goals. These goals won’t be achieved overnight, but they are designed so that I’m able to chip a little bit off day by day or week by week. I am easily able to see the small amounts of progress that I am making and rejoice in that instead of beating myself up for not achieving the goals quicker.

So, after much prayer and thought and discussions I have declared 2018 the year to go All In on The Great Adventure!

`ALL IN 2018For those of you that know me well this may not come as much of a surprise, you may be able to see what I did there. For those of you that are left in the dark let me explain…

I LOVE listening to music. So, any time I can relate anything in life to a song it makes me happy. This year I wanted to give everything. I wanted to quit letting important things slip though my hands because of time being wasted. I wanted to make a real effort at getting better in all areas of my life. So, when Matthew West released the single”All In” I was hooked. I loved the idea of just giving it your all. I loved that it wasn’t directed at one particular area of life but covered all areas. I don’t know that he intended this when he wrote the song but it reminds me of Colossians 3:23 which says, “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” So, I made All In my main theme and Colossians 3:23 my main verse.

The Great Adventure part came from another favorite song of mine by Steven Curtis Chapman called “The Great Adventure”. I included this after Christmas. One of the gifts that I received was a “Great Adventure” bundle. This contained several items with some of the song lyrics printed on them.  So, I included this in my theme for a couple of reasons. 1) I’ve always been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman and I wanted to include him in some way and 2) I have the habit of living my life vicariously though the lives of others. So, choosing to view my life and the year ahead as a Great Adventure seemed like a good idea to motivate me to be living my life instead of living it vicariously through other people.

Four days into the new year I can tell you that I’m not doing this thing perfectly. I still make plenty of mistakes and excuses. But I am learning. I’m starting to recognize little areas of my life that I can make small improvements in. I’m learning that life is a process. I can’t make a goal on Sunday and wake up Monday with my issues mastered and packaged nicely in a box. Life just doesn’t work that way. And that’s okay. I’m learning to bounce back quickly after I fall instead of letting one mistake wreck the entire day. I’m also learning to give myself grace to realize that just because I’m not working a lot in one area of my life doesn’t make me lazy, sometimes I’m just working on another area…I remind myself that I’m going All In for God. Not all in on one area of my life.

What are some of your goals or words for  2018? What is something that you are hoping to achieve in this new year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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Well, that didn’t go as we’d hoped…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you had a great time celebrating Christmas and ringing in the new year with family and friends.

One of the things our family looks forward to at the end of every year is taking it easy between Christmas and the new year. We sleep in, make big meals, maybe do a few small things that need done that we finally have time for, and watch some good movies.

This year was very different than in years past. But even though it didn’t go as we had planned (or hoped) it was still good and we will have memories to smile at years down the road.

Our New Year’s Eve game: Seeing who can toss their kleenex into the burn bucket…

This year we all got sick! Yeah you read that right. We were sick all week long. Instead of eating big meals we were eating whatever sounded appealing that we had at the house. We made quite a few trips to the Dr.’s or the store to stock up on more cold medicine and necessary sick supplies.

It wasn’t just one or two members of the family that was sick…Everyone got something a little different. Dad had the flu, JoJo got strep throat, Mom got a really bad sinus infection and Bradley and I ended up somewhere in the middle…

Earlier in the week I ended up in a bit of a funk. I mean, this was NO WHERE NEAR how I envisioned 2017 ending and 2018 beginning. I wanted to have all the laundry caught up, the house spotless, and the Christmas decorations down. But, that’s not what God had planned. Throughout this past week I’ve learned some important lessons.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to have hopes and plans but I need to remain flexible. I need to be willing to let some things go. Not everything has to be perfect to be good. There’s no need to be stressing out over some of the things that aren’t done. I’ll get to them when I get there and sometimes that’s perfectly okay.

I’ve also learned that just because things don’t go according to plan doesn’t make the occasion any less memorable. It’s just memorable in a different way. I’ve learned to count my blessings. Sure we were sick and didn’t do much of anything for a week but we were together. We still celebrated (just on a smaller, quieter scale), and although we were sick with time and rest we will make a full recovery. We are able to rest and heal in the comfort of our own home in front of a roaring fire. (:

The last week didn’t go quite as we’d hoped or planned but it was good. I’m ready to jump into 2018 going All In…Right after I take a nice long nap.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue


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